Claire & Raphaël have been collaborating since 2018. The artist duo creates art installations and stage designs focused on the relationship and interactions between sound, light and sculptural elements in space.
Their art installations present non-identifiable objects taking over spaces, as if they had always been there, as if they had a purpose. The narratives implied by the artworks always refer to thoughts of science fiction.  
Their stage designs are mainly sculptural installations with animated lights programmed to react instantly and dynamically to the music, a simultaneous translation of the sound into a light composition. 

Claire Paugam is a multidisciplinary French artist (born 1991) based in Reykjavík, Iceland. 
After graduating in 2016 from the Iceland University of the Arts’ MFA program, she has exhibited in various art institutions in Iceland and abroad, such as the 5th International Biennale for Young Art (Moscow, Russia), Gerðarsafn Art Museum (Kópavogur, Iceland) or the Reykjavík Art Museum.
Throughout her art practice, Claire questions the way we define natural objects through visual analogy as well as the concept of shapelessness. By transgressing the boundaries and differences we establish between objects, by extrapolating appearances and textures, the artist finds their hidden coherency. 
Claire is the recipient of the Motivational Award of the Year / Hvatningarverðlaun ársins 2020, delivered by the Icelandic Art Prize.


Raphaël Alexandre is a new media French artist (born 1984) based in Reykjavik, Iceland.
With a background in computer science engineering, Raphaël created video games and music tools for years. He began to explore the possibilities beyond software by combining it with electronic elements and from there dedicated his researches to art projects.
After taking part in two art residencies in Iceland, Raphaël collaborated with 10 other artists on resurrecting an old merry-go-round, with the support of the city of Paris, now on tour in Europe. Raphaël also created a special piece for Vetrar Hátið / Winter Festival, which is an automated light painting photo booth.

CV   Claire & Raphaël 


2019 - The Factory #4, group exhibition, The Factory, Djúpavík, Iceland, 4 months

2019 - Versatile Uprising, solo exhibition, Wind and Weather Window Gallery, Winter Light Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2 months

Stage Design

2022 - Haldalda, Mengi Art space, Reykjavik
         With electronic sound artist Sól Ey and cellist Heiður Lára Bjarnadóttir

2019 - BLESS BLESS Listastofan, Iðnó concert hall, Reykjavik
           Featuring MSEA, Rex Pistols, DVDJ NNS and DJ Mood Killa

2019 - LungA Warm Up party, Iðnó concert hall, Reykjavik
           Featuring Korter í flog, Prince Fendi, Salóme, Grísalappalísa, Kermit’s Traum (a.k.a. Steinn), Ástrós Acrobatics, Bjartar Sveiflur, þorsteinn Eyjfjöð, Madonna + Child

2019 - MSEA EP release party, Iðnó concert hall, Reykjavik
           Featuring MSEA & band, Oyama, KRÍA

2018 - Weird Kids #5, Mengi Art Space, Reykjavik
           Featuring SiGrún, Madonna + Child, Special-K


2019 - Artzine, "Versatile Uprising: Lifandi Formleysa" by Sólveig Eir Stewart

2019 - The Reykjavík Grapevine, #2 - 2019, "Versatile Uprising" by Tara Njála Ingvarsdóttir, Iceland